About Me

I’m Erica!

I’m a (kickass) wife, a mom to a little girl and a little dog, a coffee enthusiast (addict), fitness buff (that might be pushing it) and lucky for you, a thrifty shopaholic. I spend my free time hunting for the best discounts and insane deals on things to make your life easier and more beautiful.  Things get a little chaotic around here, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love sweets, dogs, and, surprise! online shopping. Oh, you too?  Look at us, a match made in heaven.  Even more than a good handbag sale, I love my beau of 7 years Jason, my sweet daughter Claire, and my yorkie Hank.  Those three + my family and friends make life special.

Follow along for laughter, inspiration, and if I do my job right, a little extra confidence!

Ask me anything or just say hi: erica@sunnydispo.com

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